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9 of the best road trips in Europe - - Spain - Morocco - Germany - city Berlin - Norway - Austria - France - Greece - Italy - Portugal - city London - Romania - city Luxembourg - county Transylvania

9 of the best road trips in Europe

If you've got wheels, wanderlust and a spot of time, a road trip in Europe offers the chance to see the continent at a more relaxed pace. From the sunny shores of Portugal to the dungeons of Dracula's castle in Transylvania in Romania, the following itineraries can be easily combined, shortened or altered to suit your wayfaring tastes. Here are 9 of the best road trips in Europe, a clutch of which also feature in our run-down of the best countries for summer in Europe.

Best things to do in Georgia - - Georgia - city Old - city Tbilisi

Best things to do in Georgia

Georgia long attracted visitors from neighbouring countries – and there's really no wonder, in addition to its wealth of culture and natural beauty, it is also one of the most budget-friendly travel destinations. In this article, we cover the best things to do in Georgia, from stunning mountain hikes to cosmopolitan cities, ancient monasteries and — of course — some of the world's best wine.

Why India is the ideal honeymoon destination - - Britain - India - city Mumbai - city Jaipur

Why India is the ideal honeymoon destination

Whether you want a fly and flop romantic beach break, or more of an active adventure, India is the honeymoon destination that truly has it all. There’s no better place to fall in love all over again than on the laidback beaches of Kerala, among the chaos of Rajasthan’s colourful towns and cities, or at sunset overlooking the ancient city of Hampi. Here’s why a honeymoon in India is the perfect place for post-wedding bliss.

Where to stay in Milan - - Italy - city Rome - city Milan

Where to stay in Milan

Where to stay in Milan? Italy’s fashion capital and city of designers and global influencers offers an eclectic range of places to stay, from five-star hotels to hostels. Take a look at our Milan accommodation guide to help find your perfect city base.

Guide to visiting the Provence lavender fields in France - - France

Guide to visiting the Provence lavender fields in France

With quaint villages and rolling vineyards, Provence is perhaps the best place in the world to see fields upon fields of lavender. This charming region is known for being stunningly beautiful. It is also known for its cuisine that incorporates lavender into its oils, honey and delicious sorbets. Here's everything you need to know when visiting the lavender fields in Provence, France.

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