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show flight Boeing UPS Airlines A futuristic suite aimed at 'Gen Zers and Tesla owners' — is this what's next for business class?
Lie-flat seats. Direct aisle access. Suites with privacy doors. Entire onboard "apartments." It's safe to say business and first class have gone through an evolution.
future of lodging pricing junk fees Hotels Race to Comply with California's Junk Fee Laws
Come July 1, U.S. hotels will need to comply with a California state law that requires upfront disclosure of the total cost — including all mandatory fees — of hotel rooms, among other travel services like short-term rentals and cruises.
Food Sustainability community travelers president How Ecuador's Delicious Food Scene Unlocks the Country's Secrets
How to Travel Better is a column with Condé Nast Traveler’s sustainability editor Juliet Kinsman. In this series, Juliet introduces us to the sustainability heroes she meets, signposts the experiences that are enhancing our world, and shares the little and big ways we can all travel better.
Inside Food UPS Newsletter newsletters Insider Today: Making junk food healthier
Welcome back to our Saturday edition! Kylie Kelce and her husband, y'know, the former Philadelphia Eagles power player Jason Kelce, are outnumbered at home. The couple has three girls and are adamant about not letting fame affect their family.
Olympics Billionaires yachting The billionaire summer calendar: How the world's wealthiest business icons spend their warmer months
Summer has officially begun, and billionaires have already dispersed to their favorite vacation spots to enjoy the spoils of their labors.
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tourism hotels San Francisco Gets Tourism Bump – But Recovery Will Be Slow
In a possible reversal of fortune, San Francisco’s hotel sector appears to be experiencing a resurgence, helped by the city’s burgeoning AI industry. But the city’s downtown faces an uphill battle for a full tourism recovery.
tourism passports Testing Department Citizens U.S. Adds More Passport Agencies, Starts Testing Online Renewal
In December 2023, the State Department said it had brought passport processing times to their pre-pandemic levels of six to eight weeks. Two moves in the past two weeks could help bring them down further.

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